A new regulation has led BTS Jimin’s Chinese fansite to be “banned”, even BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo is affected

Stricter fansite management in China has had an impact on the activities and accomplishments of several Kpop groups, most recently BTS and BLACKPINK.

On September 5, a large Chinese fansite of Jimin (BTS) was suddenly banned from posting on Weibo for 60 days and had to delete their post. This news surprised fans because this fansite is working on a significant birthday project for Jimin, which is also the reason why the fansite received a warning.


Specifically, Jimin’s Chinese fansite raised funds to celebrate Jimin’s birthday in October. The fansite started a donation for the Jimin-themed airplane project, in order to promote the image of the BTS member. Within an hour, 2.3 million yuan was raised.


This huge amount of money was quickly noticed and dealt with. The act of setting up a donation already violates the previously issued rule not to call for donations of any kind. This fansite probably thought that the airplane project will take place in Korea and is not related to China, so they confidently started a donation fund like that.

The new rule has greatly affected the activities of Chinese fansites. Before Jimin fans’ incident, a large fansite of Lisa was already prepared to donate for Lisa’s solo debut.  Right before the official announcement for her solo, the fansite gathered 9 million yuan. This is considered the main source for the album LALISA’s upcoming sales. However, after the new rule is applied more strictly, this fansite also regretfully announced that they are being limited and won’t be able to buy albums to their maximum possibility.


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