K-netizens react to fans’ protest against ZB1’s company conducting fansigning events without Zhanghao

Fans requested ZB1’s agency Wake One to postpone fansigning events due to Zhanghao’s absence.

Recently, a netizen posted on theqoo reporting the reason fans of ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) are angry at the agency Wake One.

ZB1 Zhanghao

Accordingly, member Zhanghao was recently confirmed to have been infected with Covid-19 so he had to be absent from schedules for a week and missed all 4 fansigning events. ZB1’s company decided to proceed with the fansigning events as scheduled without Zhanghao but fans would not get additional signatures from the absent member.

ZB1 Zhanghao

In fact, fans even sent a protest truck to Wake One building, asking the company to postpone the fansigning events or hold individual fansigning events for Zhanghao after he got well. Some even asked for “refunds”.

ZB1 Zhanghao

In response, other netizens commented:

– Are you kidding me? Of course, the company should refund

– Musicals and theater plays always give refunds to audiences when they change the cast. But Idol agencies are treating fans as fools although they bought lots of albums to win fansigning slots because they cannot refund such a big amount and rescheduling the events is also not easy

– They can just hold a video call event later instead~ There’s no need to find a venue. Is that really hard to do?

– They just sent messages to people who won’t participate in the fansigning events saying they would provide refunds… Thankfully, they read the feedback

– Just refund their money

Source: theqoo

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