1 year after the scandal, Irene’s personality was once again revealed by a stylist right in front of the Red Velvet members

The real personality issue of Irene has not cooled down even though almost a year has passed.

On August 2, after a successful comeback with ‘Queendom,’ Red Velvet had the opportunity to treat their staff with well-prepared meals on the show “Queendom Restaurant.”  The program was conducted as Red Velvet’s sincere thanks to those who have given their all to help with this special comeback after nearly 2 years.

On the show, the staff had many stories to share about Red Velvet’s members – including hairstylist Soon Yi, who has the sweetest memories of Irene even though many stories have passed.

While Red Velvet’s members and staff were reliving memories of the group’s Japan tour, hairstylist Soon Yi suddenly recalled a story when she first started working with Red Velvet. Soon Yi and the other Soonsoo salon staff have been styling the group for years, but their trip to Japan with them was her first “business trip” with Red Velvet.

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Soon Yi continued to share about the special memory that occurred when she and the group returned to Korea. Irene and I weren’t really close back then,” she admitted, but that didn’t stop the Red Velvet leader from making a lovely gesture toward the hairstylist. Soon Yi explains, “[Irene] came to me saying, ‘Ssaem,’” (ssaem is a shortened version of the Korean word for “teacher” and is used as a term of respect for experts.)

Soon Yi admitted that she was first “embarrassed” to get Irene’s attention because people in the area were filming the members. “But when she came to me,” the hairdresser continued, “everyone turned to look at me.” Then, when Soon Yi asked Irene “What’s up?”, the Red Velvet’s leader proceeded to give her a gift.

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As Soon Yi recalled the story, Irene was taken aback and confessed, “Did I do that? I’m sorry, but I don’t remember.” The hairstylist joked that Irene’s memory was fading as she “grew older,” but then went on to say how thoughtful the leader’s gift must be. Soon Yi confessed, “It’s my favorite thing,” adding, “I always buy it while I’m in Japan.”

It couldn’t be much softer: Irene’s surprise gift for the stylist is a pair of socks! Irene immediately remembered the story when Soon Yi reminded her of the gift. While the members were bursting with thoughts about Irene’s seemingly unusual gift choice, Soon Yi shared her own feelings of appreciation about this memory.

This isn’t the first time Soon Yi has spoken openly about Irene’s personality. Earlier, last October, Soon Yi, along with several other Soonsoo stylists, took to Instagram to defend Irene against attitude accusations and urged others not to judge her based on one interaction.

This is also not the first time Irene has been known to be a warm-hearted artist in the way she treats her staff.  In the past, she has gifted Red Velvet dancers with luxurious pajamas and slippers, immune-boosting vitamins, handwritten letters, and even eight sets of Apple AirPods Pro headphones.

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