Roy Kim, who returned after “Jung Joon Young controversy”, honestly confessed his nervous heart

Singer Roy Kim expressed his feelings about making a comeback after three years since Jung Joon Young’s Kakao Talk Room Controversy. 

On the afternoon of October 25th, an online press conference was held to commemorate the release of Roy Kim‘s fourth full-length album “AND”. 

Previously, Roy Kim was suspected to be a member of a KakaoTalk group chat room with singers Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and Choi Jong Hoon, who were arrested on charges of filming and distributing illegal videos in 2019. 

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However, as a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that the chat room he belonged to was not the room where illegal videos were distributed, and in February of the following year, the prosecution against Roy Kim was suspended. Roy Kim enlisted in the Marines in June of the same year and was discharged in December of last year. 

“AND” is the first album to be released in 7 years since Roy Kim’s third regular album “The Great Dipper”, which was dropped in 2015. It is also the singer’s first new release after the Jung Yoon Young’s controversy, and conveys Roy Kim’s sincere will and heart toward music.

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On this day, Roy Kim said, “I still can’t forget the moment ‘Take Me Back In Time’ came out. It took too long. I was so nervous. I put the stories I wanted to tell and the musical parts I wanted to show in this album.” 

He also added, “I prepared hard for the previous albums, but as I had more time, more effort and concerns went into this new release. It’s up to the fans to decide what happens when ‘AND’ is released. I don’t think that will affect my satisfaction.” 

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Regarding his concert to be held in November, Roy Kim said, “Fortunately, many people are coming, so I’m preparing well. It’s my first comeback in 4 years, so the fans waited for a long time.”

“Actually, I’m worried a lot. I’m feeling nervous right now,” Roy Kim said, adding, “I think I might cry. Still, I am very excited, so I am preparing well.” 

roy kim

Roy Kim’s fourth full-length album “AND” is available on major music sites starting from 6 pm (KST) on October 25th.

Source: wikitree

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