Female idols with unique visuals as voted by Dispatch

Dispatch has voted the top 7 female idols who have unique looks, but unfortunately, BLACKPINK members are not on this list.

The audience is constantly interested in the K-pop female idol beauty rankings. Recently, Dispatch just compiled a list of seven female idols with unique appearances. This list, however, does not include the members of BLACKPINK. MAMAMOO, WJSN, and TWICE members have shockingly high ratings. Meanwhile, Nancy (MOMOLAND) was last in the standings.

1. Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Hwasa is known as a female idol with a unique beauty in K-pop that defies the inherent standards. Many times, the MAMAMOO member has wowed admirers by donning off-the-shoulder clothes that flaunt her full and gorgeous body.

Hwasa’s dynamism, as well as his captivating charisma, are readily apparent to fans. Every time she takes the stage, her brown skin allows her to become more impressive. Aside from that, the MAMAMOO member drew Dispatch’s notice due of her flawless full body.

2. Exy (WJSN)

Exy is one of the sweetest members of WJSN. She has received love from the public since the group’s debut. The female idol has definitely shown her aura in off-shoulder tops.

Exy’s slender shoulders and collarbone are the advantages that many female idols desire. Along with that, Exy’s small face, beautiful smile, and white skin make her look like a gorgeous swan.

3. YoonA (SNSD)

It would be a mistake to leave YoonA out of any list of attractive female idols. Off-shoulder dresses are frequently seen on the “national center,” showing white skin, a long neck, and lovely collarbones. YoonA makes fans think of her as a princess from a fairy tale at times like this. That’s why Dispatch voted her on this list

Top idol kpop googleYoona (SNSD)

4. Mina (TWICE)

Dispatch emphasized Mina’s looks because of her distinct and immediately noticeable features. Mina’s figure is really good, and her walking and standing posture are also faultless, thanks to her 11 years of ballet training. Mina’s shoulders are broad, and her hips are narrow; this advantage is evident when she wears a tight, off-the-shoulder dress.

5. Bomi (Apink)

Bomi is one of the female idols that encourages fans to follow a healthy diet. Through this method, Bomi increasingly owns a beautiful body, becoming a “living witness” to what she is doing. The female idol has toned shoulders and elegant collarbones.

Charismatic Bomi 2
6. Sowon (GFRIEND)

Sowon is also chosen by Dispatch as the idol with impressive looks. She debuted as an idol but always showed the vibe of a professional model. She has an impressive height of 1m73 and a desirable body proportion. Sowon’s shoulders, neck, and long arms all attract attention every time on screen.

7. Nancy (Momoland)

Last but not least beautiful is Nancy – the maknae and visual of MOMOLAND. After a long time working in Kpop, Nancy is increasingly showing a more mature image. Although her body is not classified as slim, Nancy still has her own charm.

Among the 7 idols with impressive looks due to Dispatch, there is neither BLACKPINK nor popular visuals like Irene, Tzuyu. However, fans can completely understand because the above idols were selected based on Dispatch’s own criteria.

Source: Dispatch

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