Jung So Min, the most buzzworthy historical K-drama female lead at the moment: Impressive acting and visuals 

“Alchemy Of Souls” is a rare historical K-drama aired in July. 

Alchemy Of Souls” led by Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook is a rare historical work among ongoing K-dramas. Having premiered for not long, “Alchemy Of Souls” has been drawing great reviews for its exciting plot and fantasy romance genre. The drama centers on young mages whose fates are twisted by a magic spell that makes it possible for souls to swap bodies. Jung So Min plays Mu Deok, a fierce warrior whose soul is stuck inside the body of a physically weak and blind girl. 

alchemy of souls

When “Alchemy Of Souls” dropped its first teasers, mixed reactions surfaced because the character’s stylings were said to look “cheesy” and inappropriate for a historical drama. But after its release, the drama has successfully won the viewers’ hearts. In particular, Jung So Min’s character Mu Deok stands out as she is different from most K-drama female leads. Mu Deok is strong, somewhat stubborn, does not follow the rules, always strives for revenge but is powerless in the body she gets trapped in and curious about the life of an ordinary person.

alchemy of souls

Carrying the soul of an assassin, Mu Deok is not dressed in a fancy way. However, Jung So Min’s beauty cannot be covered up even by an unconventional styling. She looks gorgeous in a natural way. That’s why when Mu Deok thinks that she is ugly, the viewers can only laugh.

alchemy of souls

Although “Alchemy Of Souls” has only aired 6 episodes, Jung So Min has fully flaunted her versatile acting skills. She can be both soft and fierce. Besides the funny moments, Jung So Min’s cold eyes in intense scenes can also give viewers goosebumps.

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