First teasers for new historical K-drama “Alchemy of Souls” draw mixed reactions over questionable styling and CGI 

Netizens are having mixed opinions on the upcoming drama from the writers of “Hotel Del Luna.” 

Marking a highly-anticipated collaboration between director Park Joon Hwa of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” and Hong sisters, the duo of screenwriters who pennedHotel Del Luna”, starring Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook as leads, tvN’s upcoming June drama “Alchemy of Soulsis drawing much attention. However, after the first teaser trailers for “Alchemy of Souls” were dropped, some netizens are having mixed reactions to the drama’s character stylings and CGI effects. 

Alchemy of Souls” teaser trailer 

Specifically, Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook’s costumes spark controversy as some viewers wonder if they were inspired by the costumes in Chinese period dramas. Some netizens add that Jung So Min’s makeup seems unsuitable for a historical drama. Moreover, the CGI effects are also said to be somewhat fake-looking and amateurish.

Alchemy Of Souls
“Alchemy of Souls” has a different setting and color grading from other historical K-dramas 
Alchemy Of Souls
Jung So Min’s makeup is said to look too modern
Alchemy Of Souls
Alchemy Of Souls
The CGI green screen effects don’t look much convincing 
Alchemy Of Souls

Comments from netizens:

  • Why does this look like a Chinese historical drama? 
  • I know the genre is fantasy, but this doesn’t even look Korean
  • The CGI is so bad 
  • You’re telling me this comes from Hong sisters? What’s with the quality? 
  • Hotel Del Luna’s visual effects are so good though, this is such a downgrade. 

To premiere on June 18, “Alchemy of Souls” is a fantasy historical romance drama set in Daeho, a fictional country that doesn’t exist on the maps. The story centers on characters whose fates are distorted by the effects of soul-altering magic. 


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