Taeyeon’s reaction to SM’s ambiguous post rumored to be about Girls’ Generation’s comeback

This year marks the 15th debut anniversary of Girls’ Generation.

While many fans are waiting for Girls’ Generation to make a comeback, SM Entertainment caused confusion as they posted an ambiguous teaser photo.

On April 30th, SM Entertainment uploaded a pink photo on its official SNS account as if they were giving a hint about something that is about to happen.

Pink is the color representing Girls’ Generation.

SM Entertainment also raised fans’ expectations as they also tagged the official SNS account of Girls’ Generation.

It is known that SM Entertainment has never tagged the official account of Girls’ Generation when a member released solo songs but only mentioned that member’s personal account. 


Therefore, many people cheered since they believed the comeback of Girls’ Generation as a whole group was just around the corner. However, it seems like the comeback rumor is not true.

Leader Taeyeon said on her SNS account, “I was also shocked by it… What’s this?”, with a confused expression.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation members appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” last year and said that even when their agencies got changed, there was still a possibility of them making comebacks as a whole group.


Tiffany also drew attention by giving a positive answer to the question asking about Girls’ Generation’s 15th debut anniversary plan in a recent interview with Elle Korea. She said, “We have a plan. This is enough, right?”, adding, “Guys, I’m sorry”. The fact that Tiffany suddenly apologized to the members after mentioning the “plan” stimulated fans’ curiosity.


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