From Bang Yong Guk’s departure to Himchan’s sexual assault; B.A.P’s worst crisis since debut

B.A.P has been involved in the worst scandal since their debut.

Following news of Bang Yong Guk’s withdrawal from the group, Himchan was then charged of sexual assaulting a woman in her 20s.

On September 9th, TS Entertainment said that the scandal was still in the middle of investigation. The agency said that Himchan received a police investigation order due to a misunderstanding during his meeting with his acquaintances at the event that he was invited to.

“The police are reportedly sending the case to the prosecution, but we need further investigation because of the conflicting opinions between the two parties,” the police official explained.

Himchan was accused of molesting a woman in her 20s at a pension in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province in July. Afterwards, Himchan will be questioned and will prove his innocence, but the fact that a member of the boy band is suspected of sexual assaulting will create a fatal blow to B.A.P‘s image. Many fans also said they were disappointed when the sex scandal swept over Himchan, who had shown a bright and healthy image throughout the group’s career.

In particular, B.A.P has recently reorganized their membership due to the withdrawal of the leader, Bang Yong Guk. He left the agency as soon as the contract terminated and expressed his intention to leave the group.

The agency has announced their intention to carry out the schedule by working with five-member: Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo, who still continued their contracts with the company.

Meanwhile, Himchan has been at the center of the controversy over being under investigation for sexual harassment. This scandal had a damaging impact on his images because he has acted in the entertainment industry without any big scandals since debut except for his dispute with the agency over the exclusive contract.

As the spread of the “Me too” campaign has strengthened the standard for sexual harassment, the attention is now focusing on how B.A.P will resolve their worst scandal since debut.

Source: Nate

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