The second female lead Jin Young Seo of “Business Proposal” reminds viewers of this character from “Detective Conan” 

Do you see the similarities between Young Seo and this anime character? 

The female lead’s BFF in “Business Proposal”, chaebol daughter Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) has quickly become the favorite character of many viewers. She is beautiful, rich, talented, straightforward and absolutely charming. Her adorable and chaotic friendship with Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) is definitely one of the best parts of the drama. 

Jin Young Seo A Business Proposal
The chaotic duo Young Seo – Ha Ri
Jin Young Seo A Business Proposal
Their visuals are a feast to the eyes 

After the first two episodes of “Business Proposal”, some viewers have noticed that Jin Young Seo resembles Sonoko, a character from the anime/manga “Detective Conan”. 

Not only do they both look beautiful with the same blunt cut bob, Young Seo and Sonoko also have many things in common in terms of background and personality. They are both daughters of extremely wealthy companies. But they are not arrogant or distant. They are kind, friendly and sociable. They both have best friends who come from ordinary families, Ha Ri and Ran. They both exude the aura of a “rich kid”, but when they’re with their best friends, Young Seo and Sonoko often act cute like children. Notably, these two girls are both interested in boys and get into funny situations because of this. 

Jin Young Seo A Business Proposal
Jin Young Seo A Business Proposal
Sonoko and Ran
Jin Young Seo A Business Proposal
Young Seo falls in love at first sight with the second male lead 

Some viewers’ comments:

  • Young Seo is the K-drama version of Sonoko
  • I see no difference
  • I wish I had a rich and cool best friend like that 
  • No wonder I found Young Seo familiar 

“Business Proposal” airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS and Netflix.

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