What Choa has been up to after leaving AOA? Opened her nail shop and sang live on the spot

Choa, a former member from girl group AOA, has transformed into a special nail shop owner for her fans.

Choa, who is attracting attention with her cheerful lifestyle through “Choa CHOA” released on Kakao TV and YouTube channel, will transform into a nail artist in the episode released on July 27th.

In this episode, Choa will meet with fans in person and give them manicures and nail art services as a gift and spend an unforgettable day together. Choa complains about the production team who does not tell her who is waiting for her, but makes a special time by running from the park to the dance studio and PC room to meet her fans.

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In particular, Choa plans to meet a real fan from AOA’s fan club “ELVIS” on the day and add fun through her chemistry with fans who even remember Choa’s MBTI. Choa appeared in a colorful vacation look as she was excited to see her fans in person for the first time in a long time, showing off her tireless tension while meeting fans for the nail art services. From the unique counseling corner for her fans to instant song gifts, she led the show in a pleasant manner, providing warm fun to both her fans and the viewers.

In particular, Choa surprised both fans and the production team as she promised to sing a wedding song for a couple who have been dating for 6 years. Many people are wondering why Choa had no choice but to promise to celebrate the wedding of a fan, and what dynamic stories each fan who applied for Choa’s nail service will tell when they meet their favorite singer in person.

This fan event is more meaningful since Choa used the nail products she participated in planning the production, designing, and naming one by one. Choa, who is well-known as a “nail mania”, drew attention by introducing her nails and pedi product “Ohora Choa Edition”, which is the result of her ideas through the collaboration with a nail brand.

‘Choa CHOA’, which is released on KakaoTV and her Youtube channel, is drawing attention as it shows Choa communicating with fans by revealing her pleasant lifestyle and cover videos featuring Choa’s unique, refreshing and clear voice. The content not only covers her hobbies, such as camping, playing tennis, golf, etc. but also various collaborations with other creators, such as Kim Gye-ran and Risabae as well as her special daily life moments with her pets. In particular, Choa’s cover video of BTS’s “Dynamite”, in which she showed off her powerful voice and experience as a former “main vocalist”, was a hot topic and it has gained more than 3 million views.

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