S.E.S Shoo’s mother: “After the controversy, my daughter even tried to take her own life, Eugene and Bada were so worried”

After her habitual gambling controversy, Shoo confessed that she even thought of taking her own life.

On TV Chosun’s “Star Documentary: My Way,” which aired on April 10th, Shoo, a former member of S.E.S., who stopped her activities due to social controversy over habitual gambling in 2018, revealed her stories.

Shoo‘s mother said, “My daughter tried to take her own life after the controversy. She must have called Eugene,” she said. In response, Shoo lowered her head, saying, “I really don’t want to talk about this.”

Star Documentary My Way

Shoo‘s mother said, “She didn’t even tell me. She told Eugene that ‘I’m so tired. I don’t have the courage to overcome this,’. It was eight o’clock at night. My child didn’t come home, and Eugene and Bada contacted me and freaked out,” she recalled at the time.

Shoo‘s mother then shed tears, saying, “Later, I heard that she walked all the way from Seocho, feeling like ‘Wouldn’t it be better for me to get hit by a car?'”

Star Documentary My Way

Shoo said, “I didn’t think there should be an article about me making an extreme choice. I thought it would be better to say that I had a car accident.”

Shoo also said, “If I said I made an extreme choice, everyone would be sad and people that are left behind by me would have a hard time. I just looked at the floor and walked straight. I wished the car hit me and reported it was an accident. But all the cars stopped. I thought it meant I need to live,” she confessed.

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