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“Jinny’s Kitchen” intern V claims unfairness at Lee Seo Jin’s suspicion regarding the big tips, “I didn’t steal it”

“Jinny’s Kitchen” CEO Lee Seo Jin raised suspicion of intern BTS V (Kim Tae Hyung) due to the large sum of tips.

The new broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “Jinny’s Kitchen” released on the evening of April 14th showed the 7th of their business.

On that day, the employees were very lively and they welcomed the customers with more energy than usual because it was the day they only served dinner. “Jinny’s Kitchen” team showed perfect teamwork, from the preparation for opening to managing the rush of orders. They maintained a stable performance that crises were not allowed to occur.


Restaurant owner Lee Seo Jin couldn’t hide his smile upon confirming the increasing sales. He then declared that they would work harder without break on the last day to achieve the highest sales record.

Later, intern V took out the “tipping jar” that he kept checking all the time, saying “It’s all my money, right?”, then started to count the tips.


Watching over V, Lee Seojin was surprised to find a 500-peso note (about 32000 won). He asked, “How could someone tip you 500 pesos?”, then Park Seo Joon commented, “I don’t think it’s a tip”.

Lee Seo Jin continued, “Didn’t you take it out from the cash? I think you touched it”, suspecting V. In response, V complained of unfairness, saying “Why don’t you trust me?”, adding “You’re upset? I’m upset, too. You don’t trust me”. As Lee Seo Jin continued to suspect him, V tried to claim his innocence, saying “I really didn’t steal it!”, drawing laughter.


Meanwhile, tvN’s entertainment program “Jinny’s Kitchen” is about Lee Seo Jin, who has been promoted from a director in “Youn’s Kitchen” to an owner, opening a small restaurant overseas. It airs every Friday at 8:50 p.m.

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