BTS V and ‘private life’ issues – From dating rumors with a chaebol’s daughter to the accident of following BLACKPINK Jennie

Apart from being excited about BTS opening personal SNS accounts, fans are more worried that privacy issues might occur. 

BTS members opened their personal SNS accounts on December 6th. Since BTS only updated through their official channels, such as live broadcasting, official SNS, and fan community platform Weverse, fans have shown keen attention to the opening of BTS personal SNS 8 years after their debut. In fact, as soon as the members created their personal Instagram accounts, all of them gathered more than 16 million followers in just half a day.

BTS V dating

However, a stir came out of the blue and in the wrong place. While fans were watching who BTS members followed and who followed them, they spotted V following BLACKPINK Jennie. As the news spread widely online, V hurriedly unfollowed Jennie’s SNS account. Then, he wrote a post on Weverse to explain that it was a mistake. He said, “Is there any way to cancel this ‘SNS recommendation’ feature? This app is so scary.”

BTS V dating

However, some fans have already flocked to Jennie’s SNS and poured out malicious comments that are close to terrorism. Comments such as “Leave V alone,” “What’s going on with you and V?,” and “How do you feel about receiving V’s attention?” are pouring in. Obviously, it was V who made a mistake, but an ironic phenomenon occurred in which Jennie, who didn’t do anything, was negatively affected.

BTS V dating

In addition, A, the daughter of a chaebol chairman, who was embroiled in rumors of dating V, was also mentioned. When rumors of a romantic relationship between V and A were raised in October, the idol’s agency, HYBE, drew a line, saying, “The chaebol group’s family and V are just acquaintances,” and V also posted, “Pathetic. I want to sing “UGH!” Today’s dream is to sting them in the back of their necks. Be careful of your back neck” on Weverse, expressing his uncomfortable feelings. However, as it was known that A followed V and other members’ SNS accounts, some fans were unable to hide their unpleasant signs again.

Celebrities’ SNS is a valuable space where stars can freely share their daily lives and communicate with fans. However, if excessive attention is paid to the minor issues such as who follows and unfollows whom, and malicious comments pour in, will stars be able to use SNS freely? Hopefully the personal SNS of BTS members, which are a valuable gift to ARMY around the world, will no longer be stained with such backlash.

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