(G)I-DLE Shuhua reveals how Cube manages the weight of its idols 

Cube Entertainment does not force its idols to lose weight, but rather use a unique but effective method, according to Shuhua. 

(G)I-DLE member Shuhua recently appeared on a TV show hosted by Taiwanese star Dee Hsu (also known as “Little S”), where she disclosed various information regarding the life of a Kpop idol. 


Most noticeably, Shuhua revealed how her agency, Cube Entertainment, manages the weight of its affiliated artist. 

In particular, Shuhua said that Cube never restricted the food its artist can eat, but rather let idols eat whatever they want.

Then, according to Shuhua, staff members will record the images of idols before and after gaining weight, broadcast them to a screen, and then tell the idols, “These images will stay here forever, look at them and consider what you should do.”


Upon seeing the drastic changes, most idols will manage their own diet better to maintain the best image, Shuhua also said. 

Hearing about this unique weight maintenance method, netizens mostly express their praise for Cube Entertainment. Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • This is much better than forcing idols to eat nothing at all
  • I have tried this method and it truly works… An image of me gaining weight put me off eating for days
  • A unique yet effective method…
  • Sounds brutal but way better than some other companies I have heard about

Source: Weibo

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