NCT’s Taeyong confirmed to host Mnet’s new reality show “Anybody Can Dance” 

This will be Taeyong’s first time trying his hand at hosting a reality show. 

Recently, NCT’s Taeyong was confirmed to become the MC for Mnet’s new show about dancing, where 8 team leaders from a previous show, “Street Woman Fighter”, will be trainers. 


The show will have the team leaders teach people who hold a passion for dance, yet have no skills themselves.

According to the production team, the show has currently recorded over 2,500 applicants from all sorts of nationalities, races, genders, and ages. Their careers also vary, from entertainers like actors, comedians and idols, to others like doctors, civil servants, researchers, and professors. Broadcast is planned to start this June. 

Street Woman Fighter

Taeyong used to be a judge on the dancing show “Street Woman Fighter”, and thus are familiar with the shows’ female leaders. Regarding his new MC job, the idol shared: “I am extremely nervous, seeing that it is my first time hosting a show. I want to become someone that is able to connect between the contestants, who love dancing, to the leaders, who are professional dancers”. 


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