If Jennie (BLACK PINK) is only behind IU, then Mino (WINNER) loses to Zico only in 2018

The rapper of WINNER has achieved impressive results in his first solo.

Recently, YG gave the WINNER rapper Mino a solo debut with his first full album “XX” and the title song “FIANCÉ“. His music was highly rated by the music lovers. Therefore, at the first solo album, Mino has gained a lot of achievements.

In terms of the unique listener in the first 24 hours on Melon 2018 for an idol solo, if Jennie (BLACK PINK) is only behind IU, Mino also only loses to Zico in the male division. Mino‘s “FIANCÉ” came in second with 938,266 listeners, while Zico‘s “SoulMate” ranked first with 1,250,226.

In addition to the unique listener, “FIANCÉ” has led iChart’s domestic real-time chart. After the release, his new MV took the lead on YouTube Korea. Until now, after almost 3 days, the “FIANCÉ” MV reached 9 million views on YouTube.

In addition, the album “XX” also dominates iTunes in 17 countries and territories including India, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, … Mino also ranked No. 2 among solo artists who had the highest album sales in its first day on Hanteo. Specifically, his album “XX” has sold for 36,476 copies, just behind the album “Be Ordinary” by Hwang Chiyeol (52,025 copies).


Source: Kenh14

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