10 BTS songs won the most No.1 trophies on music shows: ‘Dynamite’ has made a new history for Kpop in the 21st century

BTS is very close to be the Korean artist to win the most trophies on music shows in history. 

Since its release on August 21 until now, BTS’s song ‘Dynamite’ has been 3 months. However, this hit’s achievement has yet to show signs of ‘cooling-off’, especially on Korean music charts. Despite being an English song, ‘Dynamite’ broke the record for the song with the most PAKs and wrote a new history for Kpop. With the recent No.1 trophy at ‘Music Bank’ on November 13 and at ‘Music Core’ on November 14, ‘Dynamite’ has reached the record of the song with the most No.1 music show trophies in the 21st century with a total of 23 trophies. This song broke the previous record of another BTS hit ‘Boy With Luv’ with 21 trophies.

Here are 10 BTS songs won the most trophies on music shows:

NO.10: ‘SPRING DAY’ – 4 trophies

NO.8: ‘RUN’ and ‘I NEED U’ – 5 trophies

NO.7: ‘BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS’ – 6 trophies

NO.6: ‘IDOL’ – 8 trophies

NO.5: ‘DNA’ – 10 trophies

NO.4: ‘FAKE LOVE’ – 12 trophies

NO.3: ‘ON’ – 16 trophies

NO.2: ‘BOY WITH LUV’ – 21 trophies

NO.1: ‘DYNAMITE’ – 23 trophies

Up to now, BTS has a total of 113 No.1 trophies in their career, holding the runner-up position in the chart of Korean artists with the most trophies. The 1st place belongs to EXO with 117 trophies. Many netizens predict that only with the upcoming comeback BTS will highly likely beat EXO’s record and become the Korean artist to reach the most trophies in the history of Korean music shows.

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