List of Trainees Rumored to Attend Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999”

Following the success of “Idol School” or the “Produce 101” series, Mnet is currently preparing to conduct another idol survival show called “Girls Planet 999”.  As the broadcast date is getting closer and closer, rumors about the show’s contestants are also starting to appear more and more on online forums in Korea.

“Girls Planet 999” features female contestants from Korea, China, and Japan, who share the same dream of debuting in an idol group, despite language barriers and cultural differences.  The growth of these girls as they work together towards their goals will unfold in the fantasy world called “Girls Planet”.

After 3 rounds of auditions with 13,000 contestants registered to participate, the program selected 99 girls (33 Korean contestants, 33 Japanese contestants and 33 Chinese contestants) to introduce to the audience in the next round.  According to information from the Korean press, these 99 contestants have started their dorm life in “Girls Planet 999” earlier this month.

When “Girls Planet 999” will officially air in about 2 months, the Korean online community has recently been stirred up by rumors about familiar faces who will represent the host country in the new show of Mnet. They are active idols, quite famous trainees or someone who has relatives working in the industry.

Let’s take a look at the list below:

Choi Yujin: A member of the girl group CLC (debuted in 2015), holds the position of lead dancer, visual and center of the group.

Kim Bora: Member of Cherry Bullet (debut in 2019), holds the position of main vocal of the group.

Heo Jiwon: A member of Cherry Bullet (debut in 2019), holds the position of the main rapper, lead vocal, visual and center of the group.

Yoon Dayeon: Former member of LIPBUBBLE (debut in 2017 and disbanded in 2019), holds the position of main vocal, lead dancer and visual of the group; once participated in “Show Me The Money 9”.

Kang Yeseo: Former member of Busters, holds the position of main vocal of the group.

Kim Dayeon: Former “Produce 48” contestant, held 70th place overall and was eliminated in episode 5.

Ahn Jungmin: Former SM Entertainment trainee, once participating in “Kpop Stars”; it is reported that she is currently a trainee under HYBE.

Lee Nayeon: Member of FANATICS (debut in 2019), holds the position of main vocal of the group.

Kim Doah: A member of FANATICS (debut in 2019), holds the position of lead rapper, lead dancer and center of the group; participated in “Produce 48” and finished in 23rd place overall.

Kim Yoobin

Huening Bahiye: TXT Huening Kai’s younger sister

Female idols/trainees that will not be attending “Girls Planet 999”:

  • Ahn Yuna (JYP)
  • Myung Hyungseo (former Busters member)
  • Kim Chaeyeon (former Busters member)
  • Yoon Jiwoo (former “Idol School”) contestant

Although it is still quite early to know if the above list of rumors is true or not, the names mentioned here have also quickly caused a buzz in the Korean online community. Among these, Choi Yujin and Kim Doah are the two faces that make Korean netizens most surprised and regret if they really participate in “Girls Planet 999”.  Yujin has many years of operating experience.  Meanwhile, Doah is still doing well after coming out of ‘Produce 48’, she even has a solo commercial.

Previously, Mnet introduced actor Yeo Jin Goo as the host of “Girls Planet 999”, while Sunmi and Tiffany will take on the role of Kpop Masters.  The show’s mentors also include Baek Goo Young (who worked with BoA, TVXQ, Taemin (SHINee) and Kai (EXO)), along with Jang Joo Hee (who worked with Sunmi, Taeyeon (SNSD), and IZ*ONE) will hold the position of Dance Master. The vocal Master will be Im Han Byul, a singer who has directed vocals for groups like EXO, NCT, and Weki Meki, along with Jo Ah Young, a vocal coach who has worked with several K-pop idols including  AB6IX and TWICE.  “Girls Planet 999” will air on Mnet in August this year.

Source: tinnhac

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