Jessica Jung earns hundreds of billions of revenue, becoming rich after leaving SNSD

The article about Jessica’s own agency revenue and her wealth climbed to No. 1 on Dispatch.

On November 29, the article revealed the revenue of BLANC & ECLARE – the fashion brand of “frozen princess” Jessica Jung suddenly climbed to the top of the hottest news on Dispatch news site.  According to the article, in 2019, the fashion brand’s revenue is up to 20 billion won. 

This huge number has surprised many people.  The former member of SNSD’s fashion brand was first launched in August 2014, from a brand specializing in selling sunglasses, so far Jessica has expanded her business to many different fashion products.  BLANC & ECLARE is also particularly popular with celebrities.  There have been a series of Korean stars wearing outfits of the company such as Jennie (BLACKPINK), TWICE, Red Velvet, AOA, EXID … Worth mentioning, this is the company that Jessica formed when leaving SNSD, causing a lot of controversies.  Now after leaving the group, Jessica has surprised the public with her ability to make money through her own company. 

Since leaving SNSD, Jessica has been extremely busy working in many areas such as running her own fashion label, debuting as a solo singer, and recently releasing her first novel.  With the high frequency of activities, it is not difficult to understand that she spends more time in hotels around the world than at home.  Jessica’s “check-in” photo series in upscale hotels also quickly went viral.  If you go to Jessica’s Instagram, you will be overwhelmed and dazzled by the series of luxurious images of her.

Jessica was born into a wealthy family in San Francisco, USA, whose father is a lawyer.  Ever since she was a trainee, she and her sister Krystal were given a private $ 2 million apartment by her parents.  According to tvN’s The List 2016 program, Jessica ranked 5th in the list of the richest tycoons in Kbiz, now owns more than 50 fashion stores across major cities such as Seoul, Hong Kong, New York… The former member of SNSD also owns a luxury apartment worth billions of won in Seoul.


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