“Why is she so good at acting comedy?”… Seol-hyun is receiving favorable reviews for her performance in the new drama “The Killer’s Shopping List” 

Kim Seol-hyun’s new appearance in “The Killer’s Shopping List” caught the eyes of netizens.

Kim Seol-hyun plays Do Ah-hee, a passionate police officer who protects the neighborhood and has been dating MS Mart’s cashier Dae-sung (Lee Kwang-soo) for 20 years in the new Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Killer’s Shopping List” aired on the cable channel tvN. Do Ah-hee is a girl crush character who can not tolerate injustice and always does everything to protect her neighborhood and Dae-sung. Ah-hee is called “crazy girl” by local people because of her unique random characteristic and straightforwardness, adding to the viewers’ curiosity about what she will show in the future.


Attention is also drawn to Kim Seol-hyun, who portrays Do Ah-hee, even before the official broadcast. Playing a comedy is a new challenge to Kim Seol-hyun, who has played historical stories and different genres of dramas and movies. 

With only one or two episodes, Kim Seol-hyun has already proved herself as an actress who can do all genres. Depending on the direction of the drama, the actress expressed her character with exaggerated actions and gestures, sometimes with strong eyes and powerful lines, that matched the entire story and other characters.


Kim Seol-hyun transformed herself into her character, a is a righteous police officer, who doesn’t let private matters interfere with her job when standing in front of an incident, and a reliable girlfriend to her boyfriend. In particular, she showed perfect chemistry with Dae-sung, her boyfriend of 20 years, thanks to her stable and realistic acting.


Kim Seol-hyun controlled the character’s emotions and comic situations so well, such as trying to hold back laughter when receiving a somewhat unusual apology from Dae-sung and sobbing because of the kindhearted Dae-sung. With these excellent performances, Kim Seol-hyun is receiving compliments from the viewers for her first attempt at trying comedy acting.

By perfectly digesting a new genre and character with her acting skills that have been accumulated through each of her previous works, Kim Seol-hyun is raising audiences’ expectations for more developments of Do Ah-hee. 


“The Killer’s Shopping List” is a comedy investigation drama in which a mart owner, a cashier, and a police officer carry out an investigation on a mysterious murder in an ordinary neighborhood based on the murderer’s supermarket receipts. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

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