SM faces worrying situation due to continuous death threats against artists & employees

SM Entertainment recently suffered a series of death threats due to the popularity of their artists.

The Gyeonggi Hanam Police Station arrested a man in his 20 for planning to murder employees from SM Entertainment because the girl group member he likes did not receive his message.

The man, A, posted a message on the online community DC Inside on August 8th, saying “I will select only SM employees at Seoul Forest Station and kill nine of them”.


A has been a fan of a girl group from SM for more than 10 years. He told the police that he confessed his heart to member B through SNS DM (direct message) but the member did not receive his message so he wrote the threatening note out of anger.

However, after investigating A’s mobile phone, the police discovered that A had made careful plans for his crime. He already set a specific D-Day to commit the crime, drafted the content of the threatening message and even prepared strategies to deal with the police. Considering the detailed preparation, the police believed that his action was not impulsive so they arrested him.

aespa winter

Recently, the public was also shocked to know that Winter, a member of the girl group aespa, received a death threat.

On August 7th, a shocking post containing a death threat against aespa Winter spread online. The next day, SM stated, “Someone made a post threatening the safety of Winter in a community. After confirming the situation, we immediately filed a complaint with the police against the person who posted it and urged them to cooperate and investigate it quickly.”

aespa winter

The person who made the death threat specifically mentioned “aespa Winter is departing tomorrow”. In fact, aespa was really scheduled to leave for San Francisco, the US on August 8th to attend the Outside Lands Music & Art Festival.

Source: Nate

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