Park So Dam revealed her first impression of Han So Hee, “Wow, that person is so pretty”

Actress Park So Dam praised the beauty of Han So Hee on “Amazing Saturday”.

Actresses Lee Ha Nee and Park So Dam, who appear in the movie “Phantom” together, guested on the January 28th broadcast of tvN’s program “Amazing Saturday”. The two participated in a “Doppelganger Quiz” version for actors in the Snack Game.

Two photos of Han So Hee appeared for the first quiz and the cast members kept on shouting “The World of the Married”.

park so dam amazing saturday

While everyone was still confused about the second picture, Park So Dam guessed “Money Flower” correctly thanks to a decisive hint. The actress then showed a cute dance to celebrate her win.

park so dam amazing saturday

Later, Park So Dam recalled her first meeting with Han So Hee, saying “She came to see me when I performed the play ‘The Student and Mr. Henri’ with actor Lee Soon Jae, who worked with Han So Hee in ‘Money Flower’. While greeting the actors who came to watch our play, I suddenly thought ‘Wow, that person is so pretty’.”

Photos of Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam’s co-star in “Record of Youth”, but Lee Ha Nee was the first to guess the right answer. 

Source: Daum

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