Agency refuted school violence allegation against Nam Joo Hyuk, “The sparring video has nothing to do with the actor”

Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency refuted the school violence allegation that arose again due to a recent video disclosure.

On April 28th, Management SOOP said to MBN Star, “First of all, we would like to make it clear that the so-called ‘sparring video’ included in a Youtube content has nothing to do with the actor”.


The agency added, “In addition, it does not show someone is forced to do the sparring or be involved in it”.

SOOP continued, “The actor only knew about the existence of the video at his first meeting with the informant, and already confirmed all of the contents. Even in the controversial video, the actor did not appear, and no content related to the actor was also included. We feel strongly regretful that the YouTuber who released the content said as if the actor had participated in the sparring video.”

In addition, they said, “Regarding the school violence allegation, investigations are currently underway. It is very difficult to prove something that someone has never done”, adding “We sincerely ask everyone to refrain from making unilateral reports before the investigation results are announced.”


Earlier on April 26th, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded the ‘sparring video’ obtained from A, who claimed to have been bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk.

Lee Jin Ho stated that A did not want to engage in the spar but he was forced to do it. The released video shows two students sparring in the classroom and one fell on the ground after kicking in the air.

However, Nam Joo Hyuk’s face is not shown in the video. A pointed out that Nam Joo Hyuk was present at the scene, but the actor’s side maintains their opinion that he was not there.

Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk is currently serving in the military.

Source: Nate

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