BTS V may be promoted to assistant chef, fans would cry saying he’s all grown up?

V, a member of BTS, may be promoted from intern to assistant chef in tvN’s “Seojin’s” (also known as “Jinny’s Kitchen”).

On the April 28th episode of the tvN entertainment program “Seojin’s”, the last day of business following the previous broadcast will be depicted. In particular, attention is focused on whether CEO Lee Seo Jin can achieve the target sales of 12,000 pesos.


Intern Choi Woo Shik enters the back kitchen and shows concern, saying, “I thought more customers would come in, but (the stream of customers) stopped”. When the production crew shows curiosity about the boss’s expression, he says, “It’s not good”, and Lee Seo Jin’s worried expression can be guessed.

Moreover, as Lee Seo Jin watches Choi Woo Shik tapping on the calculator for the midpoint sales check, he says, “What are you calculating so miserably,” raising curiosity as to whether the dream of 12,000 pesos will vanish.

In addition, intern BTS V ends up in charge of the back kitchen alone. Attention is focused on whether V’s promotion to assistant chef will become a reality as he actively prepares hot dogs, fire noodles, and ramen.


Meanwhile, V, who starts to cook ramen under the direction of Director Park Seo Joon, suddenly imagines his fans’ reactions, saying, “I think my fans will cry watching the broadcast?”, adding, “A kid who doesn’t know anything suddenly learns to cook, and they’d say, ‘He’s all grown up~’.”

At the same time, Choi Woo Shik launches a final move to achieve the target sales. In order to encourage additional orders, he notifies customers of the order deadline and puts operation “Last Order” into action.

On the other hand, “Seojin’s” (also known as “Jinny’s Kitchen”) airs every Friday at 8:50 pm (KST) on tvN.

Source: Nate

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