IVE Jang Won Young shows off her cute look after gaining weight

IVE Jang Won Young showed off her lovely charm.

On May 27th, Jang Won Young posted several photos of herself wearing a mini dress on her Instagram. In the photos, Jang Won Young showed her innocent beauty by wearing a denim dress and a white T-shirt.

In recent other photos taken by a reporter, she presented natural fashion by tying her wavy hair back. Jang Won Young boasted her unrealistic body ratio with tall stature and small face. She looked like a Barbie doll, arousing admiration.

In the past, Jang Won Young made netizens feel sorry for her many times because of her thin body.

Fortunately, Jang Won Young has shown positive signs in terms of health lately. In recent photos, she received many compliments thanks to her lively body. Jang Won Young looked more voluptuous than last year, making fans happy as she finally gained weight.

ive wonyoung

Meanwhile, IVE will release their first Japanese album “WAVE” on May 31st.

Source: Insight

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