Koreans are crazy about JYP Entertainment’s Japanese girl group

As expected, a company with a gift for producing girl groups like JYP has never disappointed fans.

Nizi Project is a survival show that currently attracts the attention of Japanese fans. This is where the contestants are working hard to find opportunities to debut as JYP’s first Japanese girl group.

The company also confirmed that the girl group born out of this project will mainly target the Japanese market, and possibly have global promotions, meaning that they may also promote in Korea. This is totally possible because half of the group members can speak Korean. Trainee Ahn Yuna is even half Korean.

Out of 26 contestants of season 1, JYP has chosen 14 trainees to continue to the next round.  Entering season 2 of the show, they will be trained in Korea. This will be an important step for the girl group.  Since the final lineup has not been confirmed, JYP will likely eliminate some inappropriate trainees.

It is worth noting that Korean netizens are very interested in this project of JYP.  Recently, Koreans on the Naver platform voted their favorite members in the top 14. The results are as follows:

Yamaguchi Mako:  91,9%

Suzuno Miihi: 90,2%

Arai Ayaka: 83,6%

Yokoi Rima: 81,2%

Hillman Nina: 59,1%

Katsumura Maya: 48,8%

Hanabashi Rio: 48,5%

Inoue Akari: 47,5%

Ahn Yuna: 47,5 %

Trainee Arai Ayaka has gained a lot of attention from Korean netizens thanks to her appealing appearance.  Many people think that Arai should become the visual of the group and compare her to the “goddess” Suzy. Looking at this lineup, K-net suggested that JYP should keep all 14 trainees and divide them into 2 small groups.  7 girls to promote in Japan and the remaining 7 to promote in Korea.

Known for their ability to promote girl groups, JYP has created many outstanding groups such as Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, ITZY.  Fans believe that the girl group coming out of the Nizi Project can be as successful as their seniors in the company if they are hard-working and make great efforts.  The second season of this survival show is expected to air this summer.

Sources: tinnhac

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