BLACKPINK Jennie made a move after “Paris date” video with BTS V was released

Jennie of BLACKPINK is once again embroiled in dating rumors with BTS V due to a video of the couple allegedly strolling the streets of Paris. 

On May 17th, various online communities and SNS posted a video of a man and a woman, suspected to be V and Jennie, enjoying a date while holding hands in Paris, France.

The two individuals in the video can be seen boldly enjoying a date without even wearing masks. In addition, photos of V and Jennie wearing the same clothes separately were captured, and individuals who look like managers of BLACKPINK and BTS were also accompanying them in the background, adding fuel to the dating rumors.


In relation to the video, both YG Entertainment and Big Hit Music are not taking any positions.

However, it seems that Jennie has taken the first move by blocking the DM (Direct Message) function on her Instagram on May 19th.

The DM restriction is a feature that prevents users who do not follow or have recently followed from sending DMs to a user.


Instagram explained the DM restriction feature as “something prepared to protect the party from the harassment of an unspecified number of people when celebrities, athletes, and public figures are suddenly at the center of the topic.”


Meanwhile, V and Jennie were first engulfed in dating rumors in May last year due to an alleged sighting in Jeju Island. Since then, they have had a hard time as personal photos of the two were leaked through phone hacking. At that time, YG announced a strong response, requesting a police investigation into the distributor of BLACKPINK Jennie’s personal photos.

jennie v

Currently, V and Jennie are staying in Paris, France, for their individual schedules. V left for Paris, France on the 15th for a brand photo shoot and to attend an event. Meanwhile, Jennie is staying in Paris, France to attend an event from the 76th Cannes International Film Festival, which will be held on the 22nd.

Source: wikitree

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