Suspense thriller “Lies Hidden In My Garden” male lead Kim Sung Oh once dropped 16 kilograms to play the part of a psychopathic killer

Actor Kim Sung Oh builds anticipation with his next role in “Lies Hidden In My Garden”.

“Lies Hidden In My Garden” is one of the most anticipated dramas at the moment for a stellar cast. Two buzz-worthy stars Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon confirmed their appearances in the drama. The team also announced Kim Sung Oh to be the male lead of the drama. In the drama, he will play Jae Ho, the husband of Joo Ran (Kim Tae Hee). Jae Ho a talented and perfectionist doctor who is the role model of many. However, conflicts arise when the smell of corpses starts to swirl from the garden.

This is the first time Kim Sung Oh collaborates with Kim Tae Hee. The actor is one of the most capable stars in the acting field. In the past, he was a phenomenon for playing the villain on “Missing You”. The actor reportedly lost 16 kilograms to play and look the part.

The actor has had an established reputation for playing the bad guys. His acting is so convincing that a body of the general public believes that is how he behaves in real life. A student even folded their body to greet the actor just to get his signature.

kim sung oh
Kim Sung Oh lost 16 kilograms to acquire a morbidly bony appearance

Despite not having a conventionally attractive look, actor Kim still has a massive fan base thanks to his acting transformation. Be it funny in “Secret Garden” or quirky in “Fashion King” or cutesy in “Warm and Cozy”, the actor is never out of character. “Lies Hidden In My Garden” seems to be preparing a layered and complex character that will take viewers on a ride.

kim sung oh

Source: Hancinema

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