Park Myung Soo Reacts to IU’s Plagiarism Controversy: “Did IU Order It? Blame Those Who Made the Song”

Park Myung Soo expressed his opinion on the recent plagiarism controversy surrounding IU.

On May 19th, during the broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” Park Myung Soo had a conversation with big data expert Jeon Min Ki.

When Jeon Min Ki mentioned IU‘s plagiarism controversy, Park Myung Soo angrily responded, “Did IU order it or not? We should ask those who made the song, what’s the problem with IU?“.

He continued, “IU and many other celebrities are promoting Korean pop culture and introducing our country’s culture. We should support them. If there’s something wrong, the fans won’t stay quiet. These days, plagiarism cannot be tolerated.” 


Meanwhile, IU has been embroiled in plagiarism allegations regarding songs such as “The Red Shoes,” “Good Day,” “BBIBBI,” “Pitiful,” “Boo,” and “Celebrity.” 

In response, IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment issued a warning that says, “Spreading false information without evidence, damaging the artist’s reputation with malicious content, is a clear violation of the law. This will be subject to strong legal action. If there are repetitive acts of defamation, personal attacks, and spreading false information, we will take firm legal measures without leniency.” 

Source: Wikitree

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