Dindin Reveals Interest in Kim Jong Kook’s Niece: He Almost Became Family with Kim Jong Kook? 

Dindin revealed an anecdote involving singer Soya, who is well-known as Kim Jong Kook’s niece.

Dindin appeared on KBS’s variety show “Problem Child in House” and revealed that he exchanged contact information with Soya and even invited her to his house. He said, “We almost became Kim Jong Kook’s family.”

Upon hearing this, Kim Jong Kook jokingly asked, “Did you exchange contact information?” with a mischievous look in his eyes, making everyone laugh. 

kim jong kook

Dindin, seemingly taken aback, pleaded, “Please look at me with more comfortable eyes,” and confessed, “When I filmed my YouTube video, I invited Soya to my house. I thought, ‘She is really nice.’ I thought she was really great.

In response, Kim Jong Kook playfully threatened Dindin, saying, “If you become my family, I will take care of you until you die,” making Dindin tremble with fear. 

kim jong kook

Kim Jong Kook repeated, “Did you ever have thoughts like that?” and showed a slightly uncomfortable expression, while Dindin stuttered, “She’s a great person, but I kept seeing someone (referring to Kim Jong Kook) behind her.” 

Kim Jong Kook said, “Still, if you become family, I will take care of you until I really die,” but Dindin replied, “Isn’t it possible for you to kill me?


Kim Jong Kook stated that even if Dindin and Soya were to date and break up, he wouldn’t be greatly concerned and expressed his affection for his niece, saying, “Soya is really great.

Source: Daum

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