Solo singer and former Lovelyz member Mijoo explains the story behind the famous “crying selfie” 

Mijoo, a solo singer from the group Lovelyz, explained the reasons behind a so-called “crying selfie”. 

On May 18th, the YouTube channel Careet hosted by Kwangjee posted a video featuring solo singer Mijoo in the episode. On this program appearance, Mijoo gave details into the story of the much-talked-about “crying selfie”, a selfie she took back in March. 


Mijoo said, “The reason I’m like that is because I changed my contacts and took that photo right away. The liquid was still there”. 


When Kwanghee wondered why the female singer’s hair was like that, she replied, “I was wearing a cap, like a beanie, then I took it off. And I looked so pretty. So I had to record this moment”.


Kwanghee teased Mijoo, saying, “Imagine that I did it. Something like this,” and recreated a dreamy, seductive expression. The singer burst out laughing uncontrollably. She proceeded to kneel down and said, “I’ll apologize”, adding, “I won’t do anything gloomy”.


Nine years after her debut, Mijoo released her first solo album “Movie Star” on May 17th. It is an album containing Mijoo’s identity and her personal color in her music and performances.

Source: wikitree 

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