Tang Wei revealed the meaning of her tears at the Blue Dragon Film Festival

In “Entertainment Weekly Plus,” Tang Wei revealed the reason why she cried at the Blue Dragon Film Festival awards ceremony.

On the latest episode of “Entertainment Weekly Plus,” which aired on Dec 8th, the show had a written interview with Tang Wei, who was reborn as the Goddess of the Blue Dragon Film Festival. The movie “Decision to Leave” proved its popularity by winning a total of 7 awards, including Best Director and Best Picture at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Moreover, Tang Wei is the first foreign actress to win the Best Actress at the ceremony.

Tang Wei

Tang Wei was seen shedding tears as she watched the performances of singers Jung Hoon Hee and LA POEM. When Tang Wei cried, Park Hae Il, her acting partner in the drama, was seen warmly comforting her. Kim Hye Soo said, “It was impressive to see Seo Rae again when the music came out.”

Meanwhile, Tang Wei showed her immersion in the movie via an email answer, saying, “My heart flutters when I hear the music. I think Seo Rae heard it, and the tears belong to her.”

tang wei blue dragon

In her award acceptance speech, Tang Well also said that she waited a long time to finesse her portrayal of Seo Rae, who is a well-written character. She also expressed her gratitude to everyone, and gave empathy and emotion to many filmmakers.

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Source: Top Star News

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