“Report if you see me smoking. I will take off my pants” Yoo Ah In promised to live a healthy life but ended up causing drug scandals

Amid the ongoing drug controversy of Yoo Ah In, the remarks and promises he made in the past are re-examined.

“If anyone sees me smoking cigarettes, please report it here. I will take off my pants. Beep.”

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Yoo Ah In (real name Uhm Hong Sik) said he would take off his pants if caught smoking.

“I will live a long life and sweetly receive the punishment for the sin of aiding my neighbors’ smoking and exposing good neighbors to passive smoke.”

Yoo Ah In said that he would receive punishment for the harm he caused to his neighbors due to smoking.

On December 24th, 2020, Yoo Ah In declared his intention to quit smoking through a post on his SNS account. This was the first time in his life that he made such a decision. The reason Yoo Ah In wanted to quit smoking was for the sake of his “health.” The actor said, “Let’s be healthy. I will stay healthy and save myself”. He promised to get rid of the smoking habit he had maintained for 17 years and to be reborn with a healthy body.

yoo ah in

About three years later, Yoo Ah In’s repeated use of Propofol was reported. After returning from his trip to the U.S. with friends on the 5th of last month, the actor was immediately investigated by the police. They conducted a body search and seizure as soon as Yoo Ah In arrived at Incheon International Airport. He also underwent various examinations for drug components, including a rapid test as well as hair and urine tests.

It is known that Yoo Ah In has been receiving frequent propofol prescriptions at various hospitals since early 2021. The amount of Propofol he has taken is enormous. He reportedly administered 4,400ml of propofol 73 times a year, roughly 6 times a month.

Based on information from the police investigation and Yoo Ah In’s SNS posts, the actor seems to have turned to propofol after quitting smoking. However, it doesn’t make sense to say that such behavior was done by a person who promised to lead a healthy lifestyle.

yoo ah in

In particular, the National Forensic Service detected 4 types of drugs, including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine, in Yoo Ah In’s hair and urine. As a result, the police launched a search and seizure of Yoo Ah In’s house.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation team sent investigators to their homes in Hannam-dong, the actual residence of infants, from 10 a.m. KST on March 7th to secure related evidence. In the afternoon of the same day, the police raided Yoo Ah In’s house in Itaewon-dong.

In addition, the Drug Crime Investigation Unit summoned Yoo Ah In’s manager and acquaintance as witnesses from March 13th. The police will complete the analysis of the confiscated materials and call in Yoo Ah In as a suspect as early as next week.

More than 10 days have already passed since news of Yoo Ah In’s alleged drug use was reported. However, Yoo Ah In, who firmly expressed her belief whenever various controversies or issues in the entertainment industry broke out, is keeping his mouth shut on charges of taking drugs. 

Even the fans said, “Why are you silent about your suspicions even though you have been criticizing society through various opinions and have received a lot of public support for it?,” “Why did he disappear?”

Currently, the police have reportedly secured more than 10,000 pieces of evidence to prove the alleged drug use by infants through raiding Yoo Ah In’s home and investigation of those around him. 

Source: Nate

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