IVE Jang Won Young criticized for her recent CF shoot, “Who would ever eat pizzas that way?”

Jang Won Young, a member of the girl group IVE, is suffering malicious comments again.

IVE Jang Won Young used to be criticized for eating strawberries with both hands in an entertainment program in the past. She is being targeted again for a minor reason.

Jang Won Young

On January 20th, a behind-the-scenes video of IVE’s commercial shooting was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Papa John’s Pizza.

In the CF video, Jang Won Young held a pizza with both hands, took a slight bite and winked. She looked at the camera and smiled even though the stretched cheese was still stuck to her mouth.

Jang Won Young shook her shoulders and made various poses, drawing admiration for her professional appearance.


However, some Internet users in a community for women poured out malicious comments on the female idol for that scene. They commented, “She’s pretty, but who would ever eat pizzas that way?”, “This makes me lose appetite”, etc.


On the other hand, many netizens defended Jang Won Young, saying that there was no problem with her action. They said, “They are shooting a CF, they can act like they have been starved for 3 days, right?”, “I hope Jang Won Young stops forcing herself and just acts natural”, etc.

Source: Insight

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