BLACKPINK Lisa Picked Up by Frédéric Arnault in Supercar Upon Arrival in Paris for Cabaret Performance?

The rumored romance between BLACKPINK Lisa and billionaire heir Frédéric Arnault has been garnering much attention

On September 24th, BLACKPINK Lisa arrived at the airport in Paris, France, for her upcoming performance at the iconic Crazy Horse cabaret. As soon as she arrived, Lisa was escorted into a luxury car by a foreign bodyguard.

It turns out that both the bodyguard and the supercar waiting for Lisa were prepared by Lisa’s rumored boyfriend, billionaire heir and CEO Frédéric Arnault. Many fans at the airport even recognized Frédéric Arnault waiting for Lisa inside the car.

Some fans are suspecting YG of neglecting Lisa as they did not arrange bodyguards to accompany her upon her arrival in France. So, Frédéric Arnault‘s sweet actions of taking care of Lisa has stirred up social media.

One bodyguard arrived to pick up Lisa at the French airport. Notably, this bodyguard is trusted by Frédéric, often appearing alongside him on important occasions.

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Subsequently, the bodyguard took Lisa to a luxury car. Interestingly, Frédéric had been waiting in the car for quite some time.
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Lisa and Frédéric Arnault’s romance has become a hot topic
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YG is accused of neglecting Lisa and not preparing bodyguards for her trip. Fans even raised suspicions that Lisa not renewing her contract with YG led to such unfair treatment.
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The rumor of Lisa’s romantic relationship with Frédéric first surfaced in July of this year after the couple was caught by paparazzi during a date at a restaurant in France. Following that, various sources revealed that he had taken Lisa to meet his family and received support from the family members.

Source: K14

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