IVE bags 1st music show win a week after debut and sets new record (ft. netizens’ reaction to their 1st encore)

Rookie girl group IVE became the fastest girl group to get a first music show win in Kpop history.  

Although making their debut at the end of the year, Starship’s new girl group IVE has quickly become one of the most popular rookies of 2021. After releasing the single ELEVEN on December 1, many discussions about IVE have continued to trend on Korean online communities.

The group has also achieved impressive results both physically and digitally. By December 7, the single ELEVEN exceeded 150,000 copies in Hanteo. The song is also doing well on domestic digital charts, climbing to No.8 on Melon.

IVE first win
IVE is a successful rookie of Kpop in 2021

On December 8, IVE set the record as the girl group with the fastest music show win since debut in Kpop history. Starship’s rookie won 1st place on Show Champion with ELEVEN, only 7 days after their debut. Previously, this record was held by ITZY with Dalla Dalla 1st win 9 days into their debut.

IVE first win
IVE becomes the fastest girl group to win 1st place after debut in Kpop, breaking the records of ITZY, IZ*ONE, BLACKPINK…

On social media, IVE receives plenty of praise for this amazing achievement. When IVE was first introduced, netizens were worried they might turn into Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin and friends”. But the group has successfully proved the charm of every member. IVE’s individual fancams all receive a decent number of views on YouTube.

Korean fans adore IVE not only because of the all-visual lineup, but also how each member stands out in their own way. Getting 1st place on Show Champion is a worthy prize of the girls’ hard work. 

IVE first win
IVE performed ELEVEN on Show Champion on December 8
IVE first win
The group win TWICE, Lee Mu Jin, Kai (EXO), EVERGLOW to get the No.1 trophy
IVE first win
Since this is the first win in her career, IVE was very touched
IVE first win
The members couldn’t hold back their tears
IVE first win
IVE hugged each other and cried when they won their first trophy

In addition to congratulating IVE on their achievements, netizens were drawn to the encore performance of Starship’s rookie girls. Perhaps because they were overly emotional, the IVE members were unable to concentrate on singing the encore perfectly.

Leader Yujin, Wonyoung, Liz, Rei or Gaeul all burst into tears, sometimes missing their singing part.  Even so, the youngest Leeseo and Liz are still praised for their stable live singing ability.

The most controversial member for the ability to sing live is Jang Wonyoung. The winner of Produce 48 took over the chorus, but perhaps because she was emotional, she couldn’t hit the high notes well. The fact that the female idol revealed her poor live singing skills became even more sensitive in the midst of being chastised for being lazy on stage.

IVE first win

Many people think that Wonyoung should be sympathetic because she is distracted in an overly emotional moment.  Compared to when she was a member of IZ*ONE, it is undeniable that Wonyoung’s vocals have improved a lot.  In the stages of IVE, Wonyoung proved her voice more and more powerful and attractive.

Some comments:

  • Congratulations IVE.  The group is getting bigger and bigger.
  • Yujin cried so much thaáthe couldn’t sing.  Baby Leeseo looks calmest in the group.
  • Wonyoung got a crack.  It sounds so funny.
  • It was their first win so maybe they were in a very emotional state.  The group will do well in the next stages.
  • Liz cried but still sang very well.
  • The group’s debut song’s first performance was not particularly impressive, but look at how far it has progressed on the charts; they even got their first win after only seven days.
IVE first win

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