“Connect” actress Kim Hye Joon “I bleached my hair for the first time in my life, acted in my real-life clothes”

Kim Hye Joon revealed her experiences working on the upcoming drama “Connect”. 

On December 5th, at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul, a media preview and press conference was held for episodes 1 to 3 of Disney+’s original seriesConnect”. Actors Jung Hae In, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Hye Joon, and director Takashi Miike attended the event.

jung hae in connect

Kim Hye Joon said, “My character is confident and bright. What I paid more attention to while working on this drama was the unique look, funky, unexpected actions, and sudden appearances of my character. I put a lot of effort into balancing it.”

kim hye joon connect

Kim Hye Joon continued, “I never bleached my hair before, but it was fun to experience something that I would never have done normally. Rather than coming up with ideas, we had a lot of meetings about costumes. I prepared a lot of clothes, but the director wanted a style that he would have bought at a vintage shop in Japan, so I brought my real clothes from home. It was a strange experience to act in my own clothes.”

connect go kyung pyo

“Connect” is about Dong Soo, a new human being with an immortal body. He is kidnapped by an organ trafficking organization and loses one of his eyes, and then finds out that his eye was transplanted to a serial killer who caused a stir in Korea. “Connect” will be released on December 7th.

Source: Daum

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