aepsa Karina shows frustration and open up about her body concerns

Karina of aespa unexpectedly shared concerns about her body and showed frustration at female idol stereotype. 

On the May 10th episode of the program “Idol Complaint Manager HUR”, a show hosted by Heo Young Ji and is published on the SBS YouTube channel “Hanbam”, aespa members Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing appeared as guests after their recent comeback with their third mini album.

During the show, Heo Young Ji revealed a silhouette picture of a member doing yoga and asked who it was. 

Upon seeing the photo, Karina answered, “It’s me. I’ve tried flying yoga at the time. My teacher made me do this.” In response, Heo Young Ji lightened up the mood by saying, “I also had days when I only took photos, not working out.” 

NingNing, Winter, Giselle, and Karina then expressed their struggles with exercising, claiming that flying yoga is really difficult, and feels as if someone is twisting their legs. One even confessed that they even cried once while hanging on there. 

Next, the aespa members expressed her frustration, saying that people expect female Kpop idols to be flexible, but it’s a stereotype. 

The aespa member then further shared her dissatisfaction with her body, which doesn’t gain muscle, saying, “I have dreams of having defined abs. But I’ve never had the experience of having defined abs, even if I work out a lot.”

Hearing her concerns, Heo Young Ji suggested, “Makeup artists these days… could contour your body. There are makeup artists dedicated specifically for body make up”, before promising to send Karina the number through the manager. 

Then, Young Ji advised, “I believe it’s because of your natural metabolism. So try not to get stressed out because of it and work out for your health. And your abs might not show especially because of your skin tone. There are types where it shows more than other people.”

Afterwards, Karina mentioned that she doesn’t have any special talents, making it hard to answer when asked about her speciality, and the rest of aespa showed the same concern. 


In response, Heo Young Ji said that shows that ask people to show off talents are the problem, and mentioned that she only has one of imitating Hwang Jung Eum, and yet spent 10 years doing the same trick. “aespa doesn’t need any,” she also concluded. 

On the other hand, aespa made a comeback on May 8th with their third mini album “MY WORLD” and is currently in active promotion. 

Source: Wikitree

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