Drama Actor Brand Reputation Ranking in May 2022: No.3 Son Seok-gu, No.2 Lee Joon-ki, and No.1 is?

The Brand Reputation Ranking of Drama Actors in May has been released.

On May 5th, the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation announced the result of the big data analysis in May 2022. Accordingly, Lee Byung-hun ranked 1st place in the Drama Cast Brand Reputation Ranking this month. He was followed by Lee Joon-gi in 2nd place and Son Seok-gu in 3rd place.

The results are based on the analysis of 64,467,360 brand big data of 50 drama actors from April 5th to May 5th to measure consumers’ brand participation, media, communication, and community indexes. 

The Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation explained, “As a result of the analysis in links, Lee Byung-hun, who has shown various acting colors in the ongoing drama ‘Our Blues’, topped the chart. Lee Byung-hun’s most related keywords were ‘transform’, ‘real’, and ‘lively’.”They added, “The actor achieved a positive ratio of 76.14% in the analysis on positive-negative responses”.

Top 30 actors who appeared in the 2022 May Drama Actor Brand Reputation Ranking:

  1. Lee Byung Hun
  2. Lee Jun Ki
  3. Son Seok-gu
  4. Cha Seung-won
  5. Han Ji-min
  6. Lee Jung-eun
  7. Rowoon
  8. Shin Min-ah
  9. Kim Hee-sun
  10. Park Joo-mi
  11. Bae Da-bin
  12. Lee Yo-won
  13. Kim Ji-eun
  14. Yoon Si-yoon
  15. Ahn Bo-hyun
  16. Seol-hỵun
  17. Choo Ja-hyun
  18. Jo Bo-ah
  19. Kim Jae-wook
  20. Lee Soo-hyuk
  21. Kim Woo-seok
  22. Lee Kwang-soo
  23. Jin Ki-joo
  24. Lee Sung-kyung
  25. Park Hae-jin
  26. Joo Sang-wook
  27. Lee El
  28. Kim Gyu-ri
  29. Oh Yeon-soo.

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