IVE An Yu Jin, Liz and Leeseo tested positive for COVID-19… “Mild sore throat”

IVE An Yu Jin, Liz and Leeseo tested positive for COVID-19.

On Jan 2nd, IVE‘s agency Starship Entertainment announced through the group’s official fancafe, “An Yu Jin, Liz and Leeseo showed mild sore throat symptoms, so they conducted rapid antigen tests and were diagnosed with COVID-19.

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The agency added, “As An Yu Jin, Liz and Leeseo have completed their third vaccination of the COVID-19 vaccine, they currently have no symptoms other than mild sore throat. They will be treated at home separately from other members. We will prioritize our artists’ health and safety as well as focus on treatment and recovery in compliance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

As a result, Leeseo will not be able to attend the middle school graduation ceremony scheduled for Jan 3rd. An Yu Jin and Liz will also stop their scheduled activities and focus on treatment.

Source: Daum

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