Outstanding artists making their comebacks but no one pays attention because of Seungri’s scandal

Is everyone busy with focusing on Seungri scandal and forgetting the remarkable comebacks Kpop last week?

Last week, Kpop witnessed the return of many remarkable names such as Park Bom, MAMAMOO, Epik High, Wooseok and Guanlin… However, it seems that the scandal of Seungri and his friends kept appearing and increasing every day like a long drama, so the attention of the public and fans were all on the incident. For those of you who are busy with Seungri and have not updated about the comebacks of the popular Kpop artists last week, don’t miss this article!

March 11 – Epik High, Crush, IU: A combination of “digital music monsters”

After the success of the song “Love Story” with Perfect All-kill title in 2017, Epik High officially released their new product with a collaboration with Crush and IU. However, in this new song called “Love Drunk“, IU appeared with a new role: the main actress. This is the first time that she participated in acting in other artist’s MV.

Featured in “Love Drunk” together with Epik High is Crush’s sweet voice. The rap of two members Tablo and Mithra Jin is like telling a story and Crush‘s voice expressed the pain when you try to forget the one you love. The song quickly achieved Allkill achievement on digital music charts but it couldn’t be as explosive as what Epik High had done before. Is the achievement of “Love Drunk” somewhat affected by Seungri‘s scandal?

March 13 – Park Bom returns to Kpop after 4 years of absence

On the afternoon of March 13, after a long wait, the fans finally saw Park Bom‘s comeback with the song “Spring“. In particular, the MV also features Dara, making 2NE1 fans extremely excited. “Spring” is a song of the Pop genre, having a beautiful and attractive melody as the title of the song itself.


The whole youthful past appeared in front of Kpop fans when they witnessed 2NE1‘s talented girls reuniting after years of absence. Park Bom‘s comeback was much expected but maybe it was in the wrong time. “Spring” is released as soon as the Seungri scandal reached its peak. Although achieving high rankings in the Korean music charts, the number of MV views is not really good. Fans seem to expect Park Bom‘s comeback after 4 years to reach higher milestones.

Returning to Kpop after 4 years in the anticipation of many fans, Park Bom seems to have chosen the wrong comeback time.

March 14 – MAMAMOO comes back after a hit series

Following the hit series “Starry Night”, “Egotistic”, “Wind Flower”, on March 14, MAMAMOO officially made their comeback to Kpop with “gogobebe” – the title song of the album “White Wind“. The album is the final part of MAMAMOO’s4 Seasons 4 Colors” project. The song “gogobebe” was written by Solar, the leader and rapper Moonbyul.

MV “gogobebe” – MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO has never made fans disappointed about the melody of their songs. This time too, “gogobebe” possesses a lively rhythm and addictive chorus. The content of the song is about forgetting the negative things in the past to look forward to the future. The colors in the MV are extremely bright and fun. On the digital charts, MAMAMOO and new songs still dominate the No. 1 position on many social charts, but the popularity of the song does not seem high compared to the previous songs, perhaps partly influenced by the storms of “scandals” from Seungri.

As a new, unique MV, it was disadvantageous to “gogobebe” when it is released in the middle of the “scandals” by Seungri.

In addition, this week, “dinosaur rookie” TXT continues to promote debut products on music stages. However, it seems that the 5 new Big Hit boys have also encountered communication obstacles compared to ITZY. If ITZY occupied the entire spotlight during the promotion, TXT quickly lost the public’s attention due to the scandal of Seungri.

TXT is still in the promotion stage, but it is unfortunate that public opinion is pouring on Seungri and related artists.

As can be seen, Seungri‘s scandal of the past few days has blurred the Kpop products released in the week, even for the comeback from notable names. Let’s hope that the Kpop music market will soon stabilize again after the storm named “Seungri and friends”.

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