This singer exposed his ex-girlfriend’ Insta ID in his new song, and her reaction after being bombarded with notifications

Netizens are interested in how this singer put his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram ID in the lyrics of his new song.

On Jan 9th, singer Lokid released a new song titled “searched your name on instagram,” which tells the story of a man after breakup in Lokid’s calm singing voice. This is Lokid’s new song in about two months after “Scented Candle” was released in November last year.

Lokid composed and wrote the lyrics for “searched your name on instagram,” of which he put his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram ID into the lyrics.

Lokid wrote lyrics such as “I opened the search window and typed your name,” “Press onto your account at random timing,” and “I go there to see you sometimes.” Amid the lyrics full of breakup emotions, he mentioned the Instagram ID “@haepy0415.”


The ID is an actual ID, and it is an account that Lockid’s ex-girlfriend is still using.

After hearing the song, fans of Lokid searched for his ex-girlfriend’s account and followed her. The ex-girlfriend, who was shocked by the sudden increase in her number of followers, posted a post and mentioned Lokid.


“I am also cheering for you while listening to your music,” Lokid’s ex-girlfriend wrote. “I hope you’re doing well. Let’s keep in touch from time to time. Lokid, fighting!”

In addition, she directly mentioned Lokid’s Instagram ID in her post, to which Internet users are complimenting how cool she is.

Source: Insight

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