I.O.I members on the reunion day after 5 years

I.O.I members will have a livestream with fans after 5 years, Kyulkyung and Mina will not be able to attend due to their own schedule.

Today (May 4), the 11 members of I.O.I will reunite as an entire group to celebrate its 5th anniversary. During this comeback, Kyulkyung and Mina are absent. Kyulkyung is currently in China, and Mina is stuck on schedule.  However, these two members still try to appear at the group’s online events.

Somi happily went to the livestream venue, gathered with the members of I.O.I.  She keeps in touch and often hangs out with other girls in the group.

Somi shows off trendy fashion style with knee-high boots and designer handbags.  Somi is a popular advertising face, often showing off expensive fashion items on her personal page.

Produce 101 is a program that made Somi famous and debuted as the center.  She is currently a solo artist under YG’s subsidiary, has a close relationship with Black Pink, and has released 2 solo albums.

Leader Na Young appeared with a sweet schoolgirl style.

After Pristin’s disbandment, the female idol’s career was quite miserable.  Currently, Na Young becomes an actor, participating in many notable films.

Chung Ha is the member with the most brilliant solo career after I.O.I disbanded.

Yoo Jung and Do Young appeared together.  Fans enjoyed the lovely height difference between the two Weki Meki members.

Yoo Jung friendly waved to the reporter and fans waiting at the recording location.

Do Yeong is popular for her beautiful face.  In the near future, she takes on the role of young Jun Ji Hyun in the movie Mount Jiri.

Kim So Hye turned into an actress after I.O.I disbanded.

Chae Yeon, despite wearing a mask, is still beautiful.  After the disbandment of I.O.I, Chae Yeon returned to work with the group DIA and entered the acting field.  Fans regret that the female idol is not being promoted strongly.  

She showed off drinks supported by I.O.I fans before the livestream.

Kim Se Jeong appeared with a blanket and slippers.  The female idol has a quite smooth development career.  When filming and releasing solo songs, she has had good achievements.

I.O.I members have been loved since they joined the survival show “Produce 101”

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