Kang Daniel and Park Ji Hoon’s face decoding

Kang Daniel to Be a Future Famous K-pop Star, Park Ji Hoon to Be a Potential Actor.

This week, a video decoding faces of Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and Park Ji Hoon has been uploaded on Primus – a physiognomy channel of popular celebrities.

kang daniel, park jihoon, wanna one

According to Primus, Kang Daniel owns sharp upper and lower eyelids that would greatly appeal to the public through his charismatic figure. And his fleshy nose also indicates a potential fortune in wealth as well as gaining much support from his powerful networks and connections built. Last but not least, Kang Daniel’s forehead gives a sign to very good luck before the age of 30. This has already been proved by the fact that he took 1st place in a national contest and managed to get the ‘center’ position of the boy group.

On the other hand, Park Ji Hoon has a symmetrical mouth shape that signals good health and marital luck. However, the difference in his eyes’ size may imply that he will achieve more success if he’d be an actor rather than a singer. This is based on the success of such famous actors whose eyes are two different sizes as So Ji Sub, Yoo Ah In, Yoo Seung Ho, Song Joong Ki.

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