“The Glory” Oh Ji Yul, “Lim Ji Yeon played a school bully, but she was actually very kind”

Child actress Oh Ji Yul answered questions about “The Glory” as well as her relationship with the cast members. 

On the April 20th episode of the web variety show “Dex’s Fridge Interview”, which was published on YouTube’s channel “117”, child actress Oh Ji Yul appeared as a guest. Oh Ji Yul, who left a strong impression by appearing in popular works such as “The Glory” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, answered questions related to the work on that day.

When asked when she realized her popularity, Oh Ji Yul answered, “When people recognize me on the streets and ask questions”. She also added, “Usually they recognize me at school. Once, these girls that looked like they’re in Grade 6 or 5 asked me, ‘Are you the kid from The Glory?’”.

Oh Ji Yul also proudly revealed that when the girls said, “But the kid from Extraordinary Attorney Woo goes to our school too…”, she replied that she appeared in both of the works. 

As the most memorable scene in “The Glory”, Oh Ji Yul picked the scene where she searched up the school violence of Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon), her character’s mother, on the Internet. At the time, Oh Ji Yul was deeply immersed in acting and amazed by her own performance on the spot.


According to Oh Ji Yul, the most challenging scene was when she had to hang on the parallel bars, and she practiced so much that she had blisters on her hands and calluses on her skin. She also evoked laughter by saying, “I even had a slightly visible six-pack. But now it’s gone“.

Next, Oh Ji Yul picked Park Sung Hoon (who played Jeon Jae Jun), Jung Sung Il (who played Ha Do Young), Song Hye Kyo (who played Moon Dong Eun), and Lim Ji Yeon (who played Park Yeon Jin) as the closest cast members to her during filming.

In particular, Oh Ji Yul said, “Uncle Jeon Jae Jun was nice to me. In the drama, he cursed in front of me during the crosswalk scene. While shooting the scene, I was surprised because it looked so real. He is a really talented actor. He is really nice in real life. He has a warm personality.”


Afterwards, the child actress added that Jung Sung Il made her laugh during shooting, while Song Hye Kyo is really good at acting, she made her character, Moon Dong Eun, real. 

Finally, Oh Ji Yul revealed, “Lim Ji Yeon played a school bully, but she was actually very kind”

When asked who was better, Park Sung Hoon, who played her biological father in “The Glory”, or Jung Sung Il, who played her legal father, Oh Ji Yul hesitated for a while and answered, “Both of them are very nice. Both of them!”

Source: Daum

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