Solar (MAMAMOO) reveals her strict dieting process, leaving fans shocked and worried

Solar (MAMAMOO) said, her strict diet and gym routine made her eyes lose focal lenght, always lethargic and strembling.

On July 12, Insight reported, female singer Solar (MAMAMOO) admitted that her strict diet caused her eyes to fall into a state of lethargy, loss of focal length, and inability to concentrate when looking at objects.

Especially, Solar confessed on the KBS show Boss In The Mirror that she went on a diet to improve her body shape after being picked as a model for a men’s magazine. The singer stated, “My eyes can’t focus.” Her eyesight became blurry and trembled, according to Solar.

During the gym session, the leader of MAMAMOO revealed to the coach that during the day she only ate some lettuce, 150 grams of beef, two boiled eggs, and half an apple. Thanks to a strict diet and an intense workout schedule, the female singer successfully lost 7.4% fat within two months.

Guests on the show Boss In The Mirror, on the other hand, claimed that Solar’s rigorous diet made her look exhausted and dreary.

MC Jun Hyun Moo said, “This is the first time I’ve seen Solar with such a poor expression. Her eyes can’t be focused and always wandering aimlessly.” MC Kim Sook said that Solar’s weight loss has affected her body a lot. Both her physical and mental health were exhausted has made haê lost focus.

According to Solar, she has done many photoshoots with MAMAMOO but this photoshoot for the magazine was the most challenging for her.

It can be seen that Solar’s unhealthy diet causes obvious harm to the female singer’s physical and mental health. However, because of her job responsibilities, she is still determined to maintain her hard way of losing weight. The female singer confided, “I’m more afraid of losing muscle than I’m afraid of difficulties.”

Source: Zing

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