Discussion Over Reality Of Music Shows Continue With CNBLUE Lee Jung-shin’s Revelation

More singers spoke up about the difficulties of doing comeback promotions on music shows, drawing attention from netizens 

On May 10th, CNBLUE’s Lee Jung-shin appeared on the YouTube channel “Zip Daesung” and revealed behind-the-scenes stories of music show promotions during his singer activities.

In the video, Lee Jung-shin surprised everyone when he said, “I rarely look at the camera. I just avoided the camera and played while looking at the distant mountains! Because it wasn’t that I played really”. Upon hearing that, Lee Joon asked back, “Why? Are you lip-syncing?”. Lee Jung-shin replied, “Yeah, it was hand-sync. It wasn’t a condition that the band can perform live on music broadcasts.”

lee jung shin

He explained, “Because we had to leave the stage quickly. But the band live needs to connect a lot of lines and has to do rehearsal. So, you can’t perform live on music broadcasts”, adding “People who didn’t know well at the time called CNBLUE ‘a band that can’t sing live’. After CNBLUE was successful, we had that trauma. People would say, ‘They are bad. It’s hand-sync’. We didn’t want to hear that so we will pay for all the expenses and do all live!”

When asked about the cost of music shows, Lee Jung-shin said, “We would get paid about 50,000 won when we go out on a music program.” Daesung and Lee Joon also agreed, saying “It’s over if you order Gimbap Heaven”, “It’s not even the cost of food”, “We go on the show just for the promotion”, etc. Lee Jung-shin continued, “But if we do live, I think the basic for a band live is at least about 30 million won”

do han se

The content aroused keen interest as former VICTION member Do Han-se recently made headlines for talking about the expenses of music show promotions. He said, “To look cool when making a comeback, you need to spend at least 20 million won for the stage setting, hair and makeup, styling, food, snack, and drinks for on-site staff. They’re all debt that idols must pay”.

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Following Do Han-se’s remarks, Taeyeon’s comment about not appearing on music shows for her solo activities was also re-examined. The female singer said, “I don’t like the music program system”, adding “I understand it, but I think it’s a little inconsiderate to the singers to make them sing at dawn. It’s tiring”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk agreed, saying “The environment and the production cost. Many singers have no choice but to pre-record their stages”

As his remarks related to music shows became a hot topic, Do Han-se explained, saying “I was happy to finish my activities with the team and I felt satisfied with my job at that time. Of course, there were a lot of hard times and pains but I still value all my past activities.”

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