Lee Dahae’s Mother Initially Disliked Se7en in the Early Stages of Their Relationship

Actress Lee Dahae and singer Se7en are getting married. As the news of the wedding of one of the entertainment industry’s representative long-lasting couples spreads, their love story is being revisited.

Lee Dahae and Se7en announced their wedding news on their respective Instagram accounts on the 20th.

First, Se7en said, “I have promised to marry my girlfriend Lee Dahae, who has been with me through ups and downs for the past 8 years and always embraced me with love, on May 6th.”


Lee Dahae also shared, “We promised to become a married couple from being long-time lovers,” and added, “Although I am still more familiar with the term ‘boyfriend,’ I will live as a supportive presence and be more considerate as a good wife to him, who has protected me steadfastly by my side and brought me great happiness.” She then revealed their pre-wedding photos.

Born in 1984 and the same age, Lee Dahae and Se7en published their relationship in September 2016. At that time, they announced their official position, saying, “We naturally developed from being friends to lovers. We ask for your warm attention and support.”

Lee Da Hae

Since then, they have openly expressed their affection for each other in various broadcasts and official events, continuing their public relationship for 8 years.

In January last year, they appeared together on MBC’s ‘The Omniscient Interfering View’ and attracted attention by revealing their love story from their first meeting to the crisis of breaking up. Lee Dahae talked about her first encounter with Se7en, saying, “At first, there was no attraction at all,” and “One day we met, and he looked pretty in my eyes. It took some time before we started dating officially.”

Lee Da Hae

Like any other couple, they also went through the crisis of breaking up. Lee Dahae shared, “As we dated for a long time, people around us cried and felt sad about it. Even our neighbors cried.” She also teared up, saying, “Especially, my mom had a hard time because she didn’t like Se7en from the beginning.”

She continued, “A month after we started dating, Se7en said he wanted to meet my mom, but my mom postponed it. Eventually, Se7en actively bought a Parents’ Day gift, and they met. My mom prepared food for him, and he said, ‘This is so delicious. Mother, you pass.’ My mom asked him, ‘Who are you to say I pass?’ and they became close when he replied, ‘Who am I indeed?’

Source: Wikitree

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