Wearing an underwear-like outfit, Hwasa surprised netizens with her unique fashion in new photos

MAMAMOO Hwasa showed off her fashion sense with a unique outfit.

On March 19th, Hwasa released 5 photos on her Instagram account without a caption and tagged a luxury brand.

The released photos showed Hwasa doing various poses while wearing a luxury brand costume. The singer boasted her unique sexy charm by matching a sleeveless outfit that looks like underwear with a white shirt. 

Hwasa, who was involved in “no bra” controversies in the past, made headlines as she guested on KBS2’s recently broadcast “Stopping on the Road Once in a While/ 한 번쯤 멈출 수밖에” and talked about her thoughts as a singer as well as her sincerity contained in the solo song “Maria”.

Although “Maria” was loved so much around the world, Hwasa still confessed the pain in her heart, saying, “Just because I wore revealing clothes and different makeup, I was treated as a bad person. I wondered, ‘Do they want me to cry?’, or ‘Do they want me to feel hurt?’, so I wrote ‘Okay, I will show you tears’, with all my heart. Since I wrote the song when I was having a hard time, I poured all of my feelings into it”. She continued, “Maria is also my baptismal name. It’s a song that comforts me”.

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